A Mine of Different Characters


If anyone were to ransack my house right now, they would probably not even notice the small notebook beside my bed. They wouldn’t know that it is one of my most valuable possessions. I have kept this little book for what feels like forever; even though I was advised to start it only a few years ago, at a time when I was seeking advice for a short story character. That was when I started writing more and more characters in my book. I enjoyed the task so much, to the point that even when I did not have a story in mind, I just kept creating characters.

There are more than a hundred different characters in there; male, female of different ages, ethnicity, religions or backgrounds. Some of these characters are based on people I know. Some are a combination of friends and strangers. Some are based on celebrities, musicians, artists and authors I admire. And some are evolutions of previously created ones. Most are what I would consider complete but others are part formed and I can always go back and rework them.

These pre-written characters never fail to help make my writing process easier, faster and more efficient. It has become a resource that I go to every time that I need a character for a piece or if I need inspiration to start a new one.

I am not sure if any other writer has tried this trick, but it has worked for me and I am sharing it on the Blackheath Dawn site, hoping it will work for you too.


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