Monetise your skills: become a narrator on ACX

Wendy Anne Darling – author and audio specialist talks to Blackheath Dawn on becoming an narrator on Amazon’s Audio Book Creation Exchange.  I have always loved to read aloud, so it’s no surprise that I finally stumbled upon ACX; Amazon’s audio book production arm, where authors can find narrators to produce their books in audio format. After […]

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Creative writing inspiration

Writing support: techniques to unleash your talents

Creativity is something that resides within everybody and with the right motivation, could translate into significant pieces of literature the world will love and enjoy. The question is, how do we unlock this potential? Creative writing is any kind of writing that is intended to share experiences, allows free expression of thoughts and emotions, and […]

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Writing Ideas

Writing support: why ideas are important and how to keep them flowing

Billion-dollar businesses, ground-breaking inventions and even most wars and revolutions are born from ideas. Most of the things that we are enjoying today, including well-loved stories, were all formed from a thought that crossed someone’s mind. Ideas are the single-celled organisms from which living, breathing story creations evolve. This is why as writers, we should […]

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Writing support: the importance of the synopsis

Consider it as a summary. Almost like writing advertisement copy, where less can mean more in terms of words. However that summary should engage the potential reader to the extent that when faced with your work they would buy (at best) or read (at least). A synopsis needs to explain the Point of View of […]

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