Book excerpts and poems from emerging and established authors

A Philosophy on Balance

Share with me some philosophical debate, on how Darkness is always evil, and How Light is always good. What nonsense it is to misunderstand, That the brightest of lights is The owner of the darkest shadow. Of Yin and Yang, where black contrasts with white It only takes one small measure more, for Balance to […]

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Behold the quiet mountain, sitting next the sea Therein resides a power unfamiliar to me. Observe the sleeping mountain, her low rise peak yet steep Mystery earth, I wonder, what secrets does she keep? Stirs the moving mountain, raw power dwells inside Ash and smoke and rumbling earth, there’s nowhere fortified. Explodes the angry mountain, […]

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Courage ‘is’ the Tiger

What, you ask, is Courage? Courage is the Tiger. A Fearless watcher, noble and calm Observing her sacred realm, but In the face of danger –Tempestuous striker! Relentless warrior! A confident hunter, dynamic and strong Such a passionate lover so sensitive and warm, but In a storm of betrayal – Fearsome aggressor! Tenacious defender! A […]

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Fickle Waters

Calm is the river, running smoothly on its course The waterfall says differently, white water rushing down with force. Serene then is the ocean, on a gentle summer’s day The storm then told me otherwise, when violent waves surged through the bay.

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Book excerpt: echoes of narcissus in the gardens of delight

Jo Robinson, author of African me and satellite TV, The Visitation, Shadow People and Fly Birdie. The following is fiction, but malignant narcissists really do exist, and it is a recognised mental illness. Unfortunately, many people never realise that they are involved with a narcissist, because their actions are so demonically bad as to be […]

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Short story: In the Shadows

Melissa A. Joy. Fantasy writer and Blackheath Dawn consultant writer. A group of four adventurers sat in a quiet but busy tavern in the town centre of Gaventon.  The dimly lit taproom lacked space, and as Janne sat by the aisle between tables, he couldn’t escape the smell of old sweat on the burly labourers […]

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