Blackheath Dawn Writers offers a foundation platform to enrich aspiring writers, helping to sharpen perceptions and hone talents. Our membership site contains newsletters, tips, educational podcasts, membership forums and regular contact with opportunities to air member’s work. We offer support, with strength and our aim is to assist each writer to progress towards their individual goal.

Blackheath Dawn Writer Benefits




£3.97 / month

10 Top Tips For Writers (PDF)
Free  ebook  provides helpful tips and advice.
Valued at £5.99.
The Blackheath Dawn Monthly Newsletter
Jam packed with writing tips, advice to support and inspire.
Great benefits, exclusive Author interviews to help your writing journey, quizzes, inspirational quotes and monthly Q&A ‘Tell Tel’ feature.
Access To Members Forum
Community secure forum for Blackheath Dawn Writers. Make you writing journey enjoyable as you interact with co-members exchanging ideas, strength and support.
Peer assistance pays off.
Exclusive Monthly Members Competitions
Writer friendly competitions to promote confidence, comradeship and competitiveness.
Monthly Tuition Topics & Writing Exercises
Develop your writing skills from aspiring to accomplished writer through our 12 monthly tutorial course books.
Access To Exclusive Writers Articles & Podcasts
Receive support and advice from experts to help keep you focused.