A Mine of Different Characters

If anyone were to ransack my house right now, they would probably not even notice the small notebook beside my bed. They wouldn’t know that it is one of my most valuable possessions. I have kept this little book for what feels like forever; even though I was advised to start it only a few […]

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Proof editing: typos and errors for independent publishing authors

Nina Soden, author of Blood Angel series. I originally published this article as a guest author at and on August 8, 2014, but I felt that the information was important enough that I wanted it in my blog feed as well. I hope you enjoy my take on Typos and Errors in Indie-Published Manuscripts. You can […]

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Help for dyslexics: writing techniques

  Melissa Wuidart Phillips, author of Dyslexic Writer shares some useful techniques for dyslexic writers. What is dyslexia?  For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term, dyslexics are the same as anyone else, but their brains process information differently, each in its own individual way.  This often means that they struggle with reading and writing, […]

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Memoir writing: lists and outline

Part 2 in the series ‘ who wants to read about you’. By Linda J Pifer, author of Windows and Violet Hopes. Get out your best organising skills – it’s time to keep track of all that minutiae! Last month’s article suggested you scan or catalogue and file your boxed-up pictures, letters and cards to begin making […]

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Writing Ideas

Writing support: why ideas are important and how to keep them flowing

Billion-dollar businesses, ground-breaking inventions and even most wars and revolutions are born from ideas. Most of the things that we are enjoying today, including well-loved stories, were all formed from a thought that crossed someone’s mind. Ideas are the single-celled organisms from which living, breathing story creations evolve. This is why as writers, we should […]

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