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Interview: Linda Perry BHD writer – Australia

What is the prized possession you value above all others? My independence. If you were able to be invisible and were researching for a written piece, where would you go? A Cabinet meeting when someone is about to be deposed as Prime Minister and replaced. What most engages your curiosity? Ideas involving concepts outside those […]

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Blackheath Dawn Author

BHD Author – Cyrilla Havard

I was born the day before Pearl Harbour was bombed, during the second world war. My parents had been evacuated to Henley on Thames in Oxfordshire and as my father was in a reserved occupation I was lucky to have both parents during my young life; a privilege denied many children of my age. Nursery […]

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Tracy Moore – Wreckers

Working as a primary school teacher, I had to rely on snatched moments during the school holidays for my writing. I had never actually set out to write a children’s book, let alone one that is probably better described as a children’s novel. The actual idea for the story came when I moved into a […]

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