Our Vision and Purpose

Our vision is a world where people are acknowledged, valued and compensated for their creative talent.

Our purpose is to make a difference by giving people innovative platforms and campaigns to showcase their talents. This means we are expanding our partnerships and investing in innovative ideas to stay ahead of the game.

Our position

Writing inspires us

We have a passion for all writers and rather than being yet another publishing and services platform on the web, we are changing the game.

We combine our passion with a strong commitment in supporting our writers to deliver polished content fit for purpose, but also through our partnerships we support our writers with cutting-edge promotional packages and campaigns.

We are constantly evolving our services portfolio, which is supported by changes in technology and social trends as well as local and global events.

Our partners drive us

Our partners are key to driving our brand and we acknowledge and value their support by providing them with original and imaginative promotional opportunities.

Our values


Acknowledgement for all creative aspects of the individual.


Daring to push the boundaries to be of service.


Build, maintain and augment relationships to create leading-edge business opportunities.


To always recognise the value and potential in all our writers and partners.